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211229_0027 edited_01.mp3

Ione Hestal pt. 1 edited_01 part 1.mp3

Ione Hestal pt. 1 edited_01 part 1.mp3

Winniebelle Fehling on the Gas Creek School and Family History, 10.19.80 edited_01.mp3

Riverside and Maxwell Creek Schools by Frank Propernick 1.5.81edited_01.mp3

Norma Sandoval on the Nathrop, Hortense, and other schools, 1.6.81edited_01.mp3

Millie Crymble and Fay Shake, May, 1978 edited_01.mp3

Louis Sterle on the Browns Canyon School, 1.11.81 edited_01.mp3

Ione Hesthal edited_01.mp3

Berrian School and Teacher's History by Squanto Mahon 1.13.81edited_01.mp3

Kenneth Cline on the Centerville School 1.12.81 edited_01.mp3

John Groy on the Pearl Theater and Family History, 1980 edited_01.mp3

Ione Hestal pt. 2edited_01.mp3

Ione Hestal on Bill Hallock and Mother edited_01.mp3

I Remember, 18-42, 1979 edited_01.mp3

I Remember, 1-17, 1979 edited_01.mp3

I Remember 122-147, 1979 edited_01.mp3

I Remember 92-121, 1979 edited_01.mp3

I Remember 65-91, 1979 edited_01.mp3

I Remember 43-64, 1979 edited_01.mp3

Grace McDonald, May, 1978 edited_01.mp3

Grace McDonald, 8.2.77 edited_01.mp3

Genevieve Avery on Rural Schools, 1.11.1981 edited_01.mp3
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