Part 3

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Part 3

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Grace Episcopal Church
Grace Episcopal Church, Main Street

Steam Shovel
Steam Shovel, Wolf Creek Pass, Mining Equipment

Miner's Candlestick
Miner's Candlestick, Candle, Ed Vickerson

Flowers Family Home
Harve Flowers, Emma Flowers, San Juan, Main, Home

Mt. Yale
Mt. Yale, Postcard

Alice Rose McKenna
Alice Rose McKenna, Telephone Operator

Alice Rose McKenna
Alice Rose McKenna, Telephone Operator

Snow Scene
Snow, Mountains, Alpine Tunnel

Sign in the Snow
Sign, Snow, Alpine Tunnel

Packing Fish to Lost Lake
Al Turner, Bill Turner, Harve Fowler, Lost Lake, Fish, Donkeys, Milk Cans

Bridge over Cottonwood Creek
Bridge, Cottonwood Creek

Goldie Beauregard Gilbert
Goldie Beauregard Gilbert

Harry Foreman's Car
Harry Foreman, Car

Harry Foreman
Harry Foreman

Horses and Carts on Midland Hill, 1888
Horse-Drawn Carts, Midland Hill, Buena Vista, Smelter, Smokestack

Lone Cabin Lodge
Lone Cabin Lodge, Scotty Craig

Billie and Scotty Craig
Billie Craig, Scotty Craig

Picky Burleson and Aileen Gregg
Picky Burleson, Aileen Gregg

Gilbert Gregg and Friends
Gilbert Gregg, Car

BV Teachers, 1935
Teachers, BV Schools

Henry Dreyer, 1946
Henry Dryer, Merchant

Bill Wright and Bill Ruchandt
Bill Wright, Bill Ruchandt, Mine

Fishing Camp
Fishing, Log Cabin, Cottonwood Lake

Mt. Princeton Bay's Hotel
Mt. Princeton Bay's Hotel
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