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Part 2

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Shop in Winfield
Winfield, Shop, 1917

Mr. Wallace's "Saldom Inn Castle"
Winfield, 1906, Mr. Wallace, Saldom Inn Castle

Burned House
Winfield, 1917, Burned Building

Mine Wheel
Winfield, Mine Wheel



Mining Trestle Power Washer
Mining Trestle Power Washer

Winfield-Vicksburg Mining, 1916
Mining, Winfield, Vicksburg, 1916

Bridge at Winfield
Bridge, Winfield

Water Channels to a Mine
Water Channels, Mining, Winfield

Main Street, Vicksburg
Main Street, Vicksburg, 1916

Vicksburg, 1916
Vicksburg, Snow, 1916

Buena Vista, 1883
Buena Vista, Main Street, 1883

Buena Vista, 1880-1881
Buena Vista, Main Street, 1880-1881

Main Street
Main Street

Cottonwood Lake
Cottonwood Lake, Postcard

Mt. Princeton
Mt. Princeton, Pinon Court

Old Monarch Pass
Old Monarch Pass, 1940s, 1950s

Salida Hospital, 1903
Salida Hospital, 1903

Two Men, a Woman, a Baby, and a Mine Cart
Unknown people, Mine Cart

Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes, Unknown People

Threshing on Fehling Ranch
Threshing, Hay, Horses, Farm Equipment, Farming, Fehling Ranch

College Peaks Grance
College Peaks Grance, Community House, Town Lake, Truck

Denver, South Park & Pacific Engine
Denver, South Park & Pacific, Engine, Locomotive, Tunnel, DSP&P, Railroad, Train

BV Brownie Scouts
Brownies, Girl Scouts, Pam Paulin, Bea Deniston, Sharyl Patton, Connie Berschy, Bea Harnish, Uniform
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